Entrepreneur of the Month: MyShop with Josh


Check out Josh's custom catan board

Over these past few weeks I have found a new obsession- making cool shit. For all my friends and family that will inevitably receive handmade christmas gifts… you can thank Josh and MyShop Maker Space.

I stumbled across MyShop a few weeks ago while visiting friends in the Kitchener Accelerator Centre at 44 Gaukel and was hooked. They have laser cutters, 3D printers, vinyl cutters, paint dipping machines, routers, sanders and so much more. I’ve never been an overly creative person (I can’t draw or paint to save my life) but this space makes me feel like I could make anything!

We like to call it a gym for your soul. It is a membership based facility, where everyone has access to state of the art equipment, receives support and training and can interact with other makers and creatives. Josh Kubassek is the brains behind the operation and is always on site to give a helping hand. His artwork will blow your mind and he is the perfect person to ask for inspiration or tips.


DIY to the extreme

MyShop has been open for just over a year in the AC but they have big plans to move into Catalyst 137 in 2018. This will allow them to have more space for equipment and their growing membership.

If you’re interested in learning more about MyShop check them out here. Can't think of what to make? Their Pinterest board will give you tons of inspo.

Also, check them out at Makerween this Saturday Oct 28 at Kitchener City Hall.. People will get to experience making their very own a laser cut cat at this free event (while supplies last).


Upcoming wedding?

Save tons of cash and DIY! There's so many options for gifts, glasses, coasters, cards... let your imagination run wild!

Kayla Zawiski