(The LA's First) Entrepreneurs of the Month: Meet Peter and Rich from O2 Canada

Kitchener-Waterloo is a hub for entrepreneurs trying to make a difference and push the ceiling. With support from amazing resources like the Accelerator Centre, Communitech, Startup Waterloo, LaunchPad and many more, the region is providing a nurturing environment for innovation to grow.

Rich Szasz and Peter Whitby are two of those entrepreneurs and The Local Advocate is so excited to feature them as our first ever Entrepreneurs of the Month.

Three years ago they started working on a mission to provide everyone with cleaner air with premium, customizable air pollution masks. And after years of research, persistence, testing, feedback and more research they have just received their first official shipment of stylish and effective O2 Curves.

Image2 - jpg.PNG

Breathe cleaner. 

Although receiving an inaugural product shipment is certainly a milestone to celebrate, what is feature-worthy to me is their continuous commitment to their original goal; giving those in need a relief from dirty, polluted and potentially harmful air.

Over the last few months they have flown to communities around the world providing breathing relief. After hearing about the disastrous wildfires in Kamloops, BC, Rich hopped on a plane with a mission to give masks to as many people as he could. The appreciation these people showed for the product was heartwarming and the difference it made in their breathing was immediately noticable. Check out this video to learn more about Rich’s adventure and how O2 Canada is making a difference!

Kayla Zawiski