Entrepreneur of the Month: RFB Development

RFB Development is a small real estate development company based out of Kitchener, Ontario. With the core belief that the investment in existing architecture can activate under-utilized spaces within a community, RFB Development approaches projects with an understanding that these vacant buildings can be re-envisioned through adaptive reuse in order to incite movements of revitalization within neighbourhoods. The company strives to achieve a new development process that utilizes a hands-on approach and is very much neighbourhood driven – engaging local residents in order to catalyze change and bring excitement to the development process.

Good design has the ability to positively impact communities, neighbourhoods, and cities. RFB Development approaches the development of historically significant spaces with the intention of preserving the architectural heritage embedded in these buildings while providing spaces which remain relevant to the current residential demands of the community. This is achieved through a design process which respects the cultural significance of heritage resources and thoughtfully incorporates a community voice in the redevelopment process.

The Benton House



On January 22nd, 2017, "The Benton House" was a one day event hosted for the community by the community. Our interest was centered around the exploration of ideas surrounding private homes and how these spaces can transcend expectations of the art viewing experience dictated by the art institution.

Utilizing the beautifully restored and renovated Benton House, this event featured an array of Canadian Contemporary artists at the forefront of their respective craft. Kitchener's own Algermon Friolet set the musical ambiance for the evening which also included performance art and an exhibition space displaying groundbreaking multi -media works by Laura Demers, Sherry Czekus, Alyssa Goodman, Patrick Nunziata, Catalina Gonzales and Juanita Lee-Garcia.

RFB Development hopes to continue to combine art, architecture, community and heritage in to many more upcoming events.


Kitchen at the Benton House

Kitchen at the Benton House


Working to restore and renovate a building within the Civic Centre Heritage Conservation District, RFB Development's newest project seeks to integrate apartment style residences along with a venue space geared toward public programming for the community. Built in 1895, this historic home has the potential to function as a flexible, shared work space and public art gallery along with the more traditional residential units typical to the neighbourhood. In partnership with The Local Advocate, the main floor of this downtown property will be created for local entrepreneurs, innovators and creators to come together. Community board rooms and collaborative workspaces will be implemented to encourage and support Kitchener's blossoming businesses.

Follow us both on this incredible journey and get in touch to become involved or for more information!