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Art Exhibition: Memories of Utopia

  • NEO Architecture 243 King Street East Kitchener, ON, N2G 2K8 Canada (map)

Memories of Utopia
A visual art exhibition, architecturally themed

Opening: 10 a.m.-5 p.m., September 15, during Doors Open
then Saturdays 11 a.m.-3 p.m. through October 20

Artists: Heather Kocsis, Michelle Purchase, Brian Douglas, Joe Martz, Melissa Doherty
Curator: Laird Robertson, NEO Architecture Inc.

Architecture is the manifestation of our collective memory. At its essence, shelter; at its pinnacle, celebration. Our built world provides us with a mirror and a looking glass – we observe, and conjure a memory or imagine a possibility. Eternal optimism is part of the human condition, and by its nature, architecture is optimistic. We build toward a better future, and our buildings stand as a celebration of accomplishment. 

The artists featured in this exhibition, and their varied works, take architecture as their subject, soliciting emotions of human idealism while reminding us of its other dimensions, juxtaposed to architecture’s sense of optimistic possibility and its memories of accomplishment: the misguided aspiration, the forgotten, the ravages of time, and the need to tend our memories and collective past lest they be forgotten.

About the Artists:

Heather Kocsis
Capturing architectural scenes from life, artist Heather Kocsis creates evocative dimensional wall-sculptures using layers of wood. In an unprecedented combination of skill and expertise, Kocsis captures the lives and stories bound within the walls of our homes, workplaces, skyscrapers, museums, and temples. 

Michelle Purchase
Michelle Purchase is a printmaker based in Kitchener who creates images of unique and unusual homes. These images attempt to challenge the viewer to reconsider their own notions of home, spark childhood memory, or inspire them to get outside and build something.

Brian Douglas
"As a photographer, my goal is to use photography to draw the viewer in. I want to create an image that tells a story, captures a client’s vision or creatively depicts architecture, nature and still life in their most raw and honest forms."

Joe Martz
"Architecture is the focus of most of my work. Common traits in my work are strong lines, patterns and symmetry and I often use abstract perspectives to present a view not always seen."

Melissa Doherty
"My work considers how our contemporary culture manipulates and rearranges the landscape omnipotently, as in an architectural model, displacing and supplanting landscape. The materiality and fabrication of landscape is a thread that runs through my painting."

Partial Wheelchair Access
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