Guest Blog- Kendra's Staycation at The Walper Hotel


** Originally posted by Local Advocate, Kendra Coons, on her beautiful blog Kendra + Co. **

I had been itching to stay at The Walper since working on this styled photoshoot back in April. It was a bit of a tough sell considering we live about 6 minutes away – but when I saw they were offering 50% off for local residents, I jumped at the opportunity!

Since it was over the holidays this was the perfect non-gift for B.  I would be totally lying if I said it wasn’t also just a little bit for me! The new renovations had me swooning from the second I stepped foot inside. I honestly believe The Walper Hotel is the best hotel downtown Kitchener!

The day before we checked in I got a text welcoming us and asking if we needed anything set up in advance of our stay. I was blown away by their customer service and we hadn’t even arrived yet!



When we got there, the check in process was quick and easy and we were up to our room within less than 5 minutes. Shortly after we got to our room there was a knock on the door. I was greeted by a Walper Hotel employee with a bag of coffee and tea and a platter of meat and cheese. Of course, we didn’t eat it because hashtag vegan probs, but I was still incredibly touched by the gesture. Not wanting to waste food we took it to the front desk team on our way out. I know good cheese when I see it and that cheese deserved to be eaten!

The Room

Our room was a spacious suite with a living room space and a gorgeous bathroom. The space was modern but held a lot of the historic charm, which I am always a huge fan of. The wallpaper had me mesmerized and I was immediately crushing on all of the cute details! Honestly, if the team of designers who worked on the renovation want to come do my house next – I would welcome them with open arms.


The Walper Hotel is located right downtown Kitchener and is walking distance to EVERYTHING! This is definitely one of my favourite things. I love being able to walk around and explore all that our city has to offer.

We started our night off at Lokal, the bar right inside The Walper. Their mixologist has some serious tricks up her sleeve and we were both blown away by the complexity of some of the drinks! She also brought us a bowl of popcorn – which if you know me, you know won me over!

After some debating we decided to head to 271 West for dinner. It’s one of our absolute favourites and it’s also where we legally got married – so it holds a special place in our hearts!

After dinner we walked up the street to Rhapsody Barrel Bar. Rhapsody has a super cool vibe, live music and amazing cocktails! We sipped away to the amazing tunes of local artist Rob Szabo, and before we knew it two hours had passed.

Our last stop was TWH Social. Tucked beneath The Walper Hotel, we only had about a 1 minute walk back to our room! This was our first time here but it is seriously bursting with ambiance.

When we got back to our room we were surprised by a fully vegan plate of treats! I literally could not believe that they had gone through the effort to put something special together for us.

We snuggled into bed that night with full hearts (and bellies!). This was by far the greatest “gift” we could have given each other!

If you have been thinking about checking out the newly renovated Walper Hotel – I highly recommend it! It’s been gorgeously updated, is full of intention, and you absolutely can’t beat the location!