A Community Connected- Let's PlugIn

When Vidyard tells you to PlugIn they're not talking about your electronics. They are encouraging you to plugin to the community and see how you can give back.

Tech companies have been unfairly stereotyped as businesses that don't interact with the local community, are too wrapped up in their own work to care and lead to unwanted gentrification in cities. And Vidyard is out to prove that this couldn't be further from the truth. With their PlugIn series, they are hosting events for young professionals, each with a dedicated charity, that give back to the local community and encourage networking and collaboration amongst participants.

Their most recent PlugIn Happening was the Canada event in July. We all met in Victoria Park and enjoyed a make your own caesar bar, poutine and beaver tail food trucks, bull riding, inuksuk building and more plaid than you can imagine while supporting the Child Witness Centre. As always, I met a ton of new people (a few of which even live in my building). 

Each PlugIn event is different and brings out a new crowd of people but they always stick to their mission of giving back, connecting community and proving that people in tech can actually tune out from their devices and plugin to their surroundings.

Kayla Zawiski