My late afternoon lunch at White Rabbit

On this beautiful, sunny Wednesday afternoon I stumbled down the construction- ridden King Street in Uptown Waterloo searching for perfect working lunch spot after spending the morning at DVLB enjoying their always delicious Americanos.

I had been meaning to try out Jane Bond for a while so I meandered through various construction routes and I arrived just to find out it was closed. Mental note: it opens at 5pm. But, as fate would have it, the sandwich board at White Rabbit was out taunting me with their Pork Belly Sandwich special. After spending a year in Australia I have become obsessed with everything pork belly or crackle related so I had to try it out.

With my heart set on the sandwich I asked the bartender for a good beer to pair with and she suggested the Goose Island Honkers Ale. She couldn't have picked a better beer. I sipped the beautiful amber ale with hints of caramel and a bit of spice and found a spot by the big garage door in the front to enjoy some sunshine. I am also slightly addicted to sparking water so the fact that they have Q sparkling water on tap for free is a major plus.

And then it arrived. On a live-edge wooden slab was a perfect looking pork belly sandwich accompanied by a cute little mason jar of coleslaw and a pickle. The ciabatta bun was soft and chewy with just the right amount of crispy crust. Inside were two huge slabs of pork belly covered in a slightly spicy, asian style BBQ sauce with nice refreshing pops of green onion and coleslaw to balance things out. And the combination was excellent. Between the spicy BBQ sauce and creamy sauce from the coleslaw there was an ideal amount of moisture without drowning out the other textures or flavours.

Between bites of the pork belly sandwich, peppery and crunchy coleslaw and sips of similarly spicy amber ale I realized that I was exactly where I needed to be on that Wednesday Afternoon... Next time Jane Bond!

Small venue, tons of character!

Although it is one of the smaller venues in Uptown and typically packed on weekends, it is the perfect spot to get in early with a group of friends, order some charcuterie boards and meals to share, sip on delectable cocktails and start the night off right.


Check back for drink reviews!

White Rabbit has the largest back-bar in Ontario with over 400 unique bottles. We're definitely not going to miss the opportunity to try all of them for you!