Getting Smokey at The Yeti

Pregnant Cowgirl. The Sasquatch.

Those are some of the sandwich names located at Kitchener’s hipster haven, The Yeti. Located directly across from the Kitchener Market in the transitioning East end of Downtown Kitchener, it’s another popular spot that has been on my list for a while.

Every Kitchener local knows about The Yeti and that’s clearly evident on market days when you’ll find a lineup out the door. And now I know why.

After a long morning, I needed a mid-afternoon pick me up so took a nice stroll through Market Lane to this gem. It may be hard to miss if you don’t know what you’re looking for but as soon as you see the yeti-clad railings you can rest assured that tasty food is coming your way.

I ordered a cold hibiscus tea, took my unicorn food marker outside and plunked myself on one of their communal benches under an umbrella. The tea was perfect, well steeped with no added sweeteners and was exactly what I needed on a beautiful summer afternoon. Within minutes, they brought out my sandwich of choice- The Smokey. Although the name isn’t quite as creative as some of the others, it was one of the more complex sandwiches with grilled halloumi and caramelized onions. Halloumi is another under-utilized ingredient that I fell in love with in my Australian travels and when it’s grilled it has this sublime squeaky texture.


It arrived on a beautiful, vintage, gold-rimmed plate that looked picture perfect on their distressed wooden tables. Layered between a soft and warm kaiser bun was crisp lettuce, tangy mayo, very sweet caramelized onions and squishy, squeaky halloumi. Overall it was excellent and each part was fresh and tasty but I was missing another element- something to counter the sweetness of the onions and richness of the halloumi. I would have loved some arugula or sprouts to add some bitter crunch and grilled tomatoes or a bruschetta component instead of the mayo would have really upped the freshness.

This is definitely a place to frequent and explore the menu while enjoying their outdoor patio. I can’t wait to explore all of their sandwich options after my Saturday morning trips to the market.


If you love cats...

The Yeti has the most eclectic decorations. Make sure to head down to the basement/ washroom for the full collection.

NOTE: It is only open for breakfast and lunch. (M-F, 9-3. SAT, 7-3. SUN, 10-3.)