What's New in Waterloo

Holy shit. How is it already the end of August?! Where did that summer go?

For some it was spent beaching and drinking, cottaging and boating but for others it was a mad hustle and thanks to all of their hard work, we have a bunch of new joints in Uptown Waterloo.

We’ve tried to get out to all of them so that we could give you guys a round-up of all the new spots that have opened in the last few months. Here we go…


BRCH Social

Smack dab in Uptown Waterloo, on the corner of King and Erb, lies a historical building that has been a staple in Waterloo forever. This iconic location was in need of something spectacular and brch social is just that. Utilizing the existing architecture, tall ceilings, white walls, and beautiful crown moulding, brch elevated the space even further by incorporating scandinavian design with intention. Each corner of this cafe is crafted for its purpose, whether you are reading a book, meeting coworkers or sipping an espresso and chatting with the insanely knowledgeable staff. It’s not just instagrammable, it has serious substance. There isn’t a single thing that has been overlooked. From the coffee to the signature drinks (developed by the incredible Show&Tell aficionados) to the glassware, everything reflects the deliberate intentions of the creators.

Well done brch. Can I start a tab now?!

**cover photo by the talented @jsscvee

Hustl + Flow


I cannot wait to try my first class at Hustl + Flow. This cycling/boxing/yoga studio has been blowing up my feed recently with their badass content. Located at the base of Uptown (across from the LCBO and Starbucks), they are bringing the boutique fitness life to KW.

With a focus centered around positive vibes, community connections and being better humans, we could all take some tips from their mandate.

I’ll be attending some classes before their official opening in a few weeks so will definitely be writing a full article on them… stay tuned!


Watami Sushi Returns!


I never had the chance to visit the old Watami but I know my friends were crushed when they closed their shop in Uptown Waterloo. From the sounds of it they have come back with a vengeance. Spotting the “soft open” sign, I made a point to get in there as soon as possible with some friends so we could experiment with the whole menu. Although they are still working on some finishing touches (the front door for example), the space is already looking fantastic with rich, black walls, wooden accents and modern features.

We sat down and practically ordered the entire menu. Starting with miso soup and salad, the pork jowl and tempura, accompanied by the Jade roll and Ice & Fire roll and finishing with the two deluxe masterpieces of nigiri and sashimi. The pork jowl had succulent, fatty pieces of pork simmering over an open flame as it came to the table with incredible presentation. The Jade roll, wrapped in cucumber instead of rice and seaweed, was the perfect combination of crunchy, fresh cuke and melt-in-your-mouth salmon and avocado. The deluxe sashimi plate was literally a piece of art (honestly every plate was) filled with many different fish as well as octopus, crab legs, shrimp and scallops.

Welcome back to Waterloo Watami!

ACE Ping Pong Lounge

We noticed the opening night of this ping pong lounge this past weekend when heading from brch to Watami… how crazy is it that THREE new places opened up within a block of each other?! Haven’t had a chance to check it out but here’s what I do know from peering through the window:

They’ve done a decent amount of renovations (previously Sugar Mountain) and have successfully achieved the upscale-modern-bar meets table-tennis-tournament vibe. No idea what the menu/ drinks will be like yet or what the demographic will be like (do students even come that far?) but looking forward to seeing how it does.

Lana’s Lounge

This is another one on our list that we haven’t gotten to quite yet… but it’s in the plan! Lana’s was envisioned for the perfect date spot, complete with great food, live local music, and a serious no-stress lounge environment. Their menu includes rare finds such as gargantuan scallops, spiraled pickles and a bison burger (all of which I will try when I finally get the chance to go).

I think I will pair that with a ‘Touch of Evil’ cocktail to start and then transition to the ‘Roses & Bullets’ after… yes, I scoured the entire menu and already know what I’m going to have (don’t judge.)


Anchor Bar

Anchor Bar has come to Canada and has just opened their Waterloo location. You can find them in The Shops in Waterloo Town Square. Famous for their buffalo wings, this location is ready to serve up thousands of pounds of crunchy, saucy wings every day!

I haven’t been yet but as someone who LOVES their wings, I am definitely going to try and grab some wings and beer on their patio while we still have some nice weather! Check back for the wing reviews!

Keep an eye out for… Bar Rayna!

Coming Soon- 56 King Street N (beside Stark & Perri)