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Whether you're organizing the event or just know of one that others should hear about, we'd love to help spread the word.

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    Fill out your event details (date, time, place, and upload an image) and you'll receive an email if it's approved.

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"Add an Event" Guidelines (aka rules)

Our goal is to keep this calendar fun, informative, and curated to our audience.

  • Must be within the Waterloo Region only (for now)
  • Remove any online links to join (e.g., Google Meet links may be automatically added to your calendar invite even if you include a physical address)
  • Search the calendar before submitting to ensure the event isn't already listed
  • Allow up to 3 business days for your event to appear in the calendar. We strive for quicker processing but manage this alongside our jobs and personal lives
  • Events submitted less than 5 days before the event date may not be considered
  • Cannot be "All Day" Events, they must have a start time and end time
  • We do not include meetings, conventions, conferences, industry-specific meetups, auctions, clinics, seminars, online events, or events looking for volunteers
  • Events with the same date and time are sorted randomly, submissions are not guaranteed
  • Weekly Regularly scheduled events will only be considered if they are free to attend. Consider submitting only the “launch” of the weekly event or Special Events
  • Bi-weekly/monthly regularly scheduled events will be considered on a case by case basis

These rules are only in place to keep events relevant to the audiences and are subject to change at any time without notice. We may break our own rules at our discretion…